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About The Equity Release Podcast

The first episode of the equity release podcast is all about why I’ve actually gone ahead and launched it.

So equity release has got a bit of a bad reputation but I know it’s a good product. I work with some people who wouldn’t be doing equity release if it wasn’t.

My name is Alex Curtis, I run a digital marketing agency in financial services. 

I’ve ran some advertising campaigns for equity release and especially on Facebook there’s been a really kind of hardcore reaction from consumers saying it’s a con it’s a scam, this is disgusting, interest rates are really high, they’ll steal your house and all this kind of crazy stuff. Which I knew wasn’t true but, I really wanted to understand the product more and actually find out why people were so negative about it. 

It turns out before it wasn’t regulated. There were these things called home reversion plans where people are actually selling part of the house. Where that is a really small part of the market now.

So, I actually recorded a different introduction before recording my first lot of interviews and I thought this podcast was going to help consumers more than anyone else.

But listening to the equity release advisors, it sounds like there’s actually a massive knowledge gap in the industry as well so IFA’s, people that don’t specifically work in equity release advice still think it’s like the old days.

So it feels like there’s a massive knowledge gap between people that do marketing like me, people who are wanting to use equity release, the consumers and also people in the industry as well.

So I wanted to learn more and I think a podcast is a great way to do it.

I’m interviewing lots of equity release experts and thought it’d be a great idea to publish all of this so everyone else can sort of join me on my journey as I get to understand equity release in more detail.

So, enjoy, and I hope it helps.

If you want to be on the podcast if you want to know anything about equity release if you head over to the website and submit your ideas there and we’ll do our best to get the people on and get the answers that you need.

And I will see you in the first proper episode.

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